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Top 10 Tips for Viewing a Property

Once you have decided to move to Spain excitment and expectation can cloud your judgement. This is especially true during viewing trips. You should keep in mind that you are not on holiday and so it is worth taking enough time to plan the trip carefully. Here are some tips to consider when viewing a property.

Tip 1

Check the physical condition of the property. Look at the general state of repair. Note the incidence of cracks or structural damage and check the condition of fixtures and fittings. Keep you eyes open and do not be afraid to ask questions. 

Tip 2

Visit the property at least twice to get a more comprehesive and balanced view of it. You should visit at different times of day because a house that is in the sun in the morning could be in shadow in the afternoon.

Tip 3

Take digital camera with you. Taking pictures will remind you of the details and help you to evaluate and compare different properties viewed during your trip.

Tip 4

Always remain objective. Keep your feet on the ground and try not to become overwhelmed by a potential home at the first sight. Never let your heart rule your head.

Tip 5

Be aware of dampness. Many houses have this problem and can create difficulties for you in future. Therefore, look for its signs whenever you view a house.

Tip 6

Recruit a professional person or an impartial friend who can give you an honest opinion. Viewing houses is an overpowering experience. Thus, another pair of skeptical eyes will help you reach a better judgment.

Tip 7

Ask questions. Prepare a list of questions before you view  the property and write down the answers and observations. Use the viewing as a chance to chat with the current owner. Ask whatever you need to know about the house and the area.

Tip 8

Spend at least thirty minutes to walk around the area to get a general view. Visits at different times of the day could be useful. 

Tip 9

Check that the property and its location will suit the lifestyle you are looking for. It may have a great view but is close enough to local amenities. Is it more isolated than secluded. Take these considerations into account while making your decision.

Tip 10

Finally, do not make a rushed decision. Take your time to make up your mind. Consider all the facts and how you feel before taking the next step.


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