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In Spain, there's a small costal town which is considered to be a tourist resort on the highly developed Costa Blanca strip called Moraira. It's been called a paradise by many tourists and locals as well because of its traditional way of living. This is the reason why a lot of tourists would love to go on a holiday because of the town's wonderful surprises and the best way to just relax and have a good time. There are many attractions in this town which includes fiesta, international restaurants, fireworks display and a fancy hotel that has the taste of the town's traditional way of life. The wonderful beach is also the pride of this small town because it's got a wonderful view and seeing the sailing ships can be a really great past time.

Aside from its attractions, the town also has good livelihood and lifestyle. The people have got great taste when it comes to sports. Having a healthy lifestyle is also a trait of this town and it can make the stay of tourists worthwhile. So if you also want to indulge on the sporty lifestyle of this town, here are some choices for you to choose from.

Golf – It is considered as one of the greatest past times by many because the sweet smell of the grass and the glory every time you make a score can really release some stress. Moraira's golf courses are so fancy when it comes to this sport. In fact, this town has 2 golf course which makes it very convenient for golf lovers. These 2 golf courses are:

Golf Club Ifach – What makes this golf course spectacular is that has a great view of the Rock of Ifach and it forms a part of the country estate. It also has 9 holes but it is designed to be short and difficult. It has a lot of obstacles that took advantage of the terrain together with narrow fairways and bunkers. This challenging obstacle will make players use the full range of their clubs and be able to practice when it comes to the control of the game. Two rounds of the game can be accomplished easily and it is ideal for the summer heat. This golf course is open to the public all year long and you can avail their private lessons that are taught in both English and Spanish.

Golf Club Jávea – This golf club can be found 100 kilometers fromAlicanteon the way toValencia. This course has great microclimate throughout the year and the pinewood surrounding it makes it a good natural setting. It is also a 9 hole course and grass is well-maintained and the fairways are guarded with palm trees, pine tress and orange trees. Even though the course is not that long, it can still be challenging due to the number of bunkers that can be found all the way. So if you want the golf course to be nature oriented, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Tennis – This sport can be very tiring and can use up a lot of muscle power. It really makes you sweat hard as you play long and really good for an all-around body exercise. So if you're on Moraira, you can play this athletic sport as well.

SOLPARK Tennis & Minigolf – This tennis park is very ideal for those who have an active lifestyle. It has 7 artificial grass tennis courts and is open to all. Aside from the tennis club, this one also has a mini golf which is ideal for little kids to play. You can find this place very convenient because it also got a hotel, restaurant, wine fair, bars, pool tables and several social activities that can be enjoyed by the family. So if you want to have a social and healthy lifestyle in your stay in Moraira, then this is the place for you to stay.

Boats and Dinghies – If you're into water sports, then Moraira also has it. This town is really good when you want to go out on a sporty sea adventure while enjoying its beautiful sea. If you want to enjoy the water sports in Moraira, then check these places out.

Jet Ski Excursions and Rental in Denia and Javea – If you want to enjoy the beautiful coasts of Javea and Denia, then you can rent jet skis to tour the place. Jet skis are really fun to cruise along the Costa Blanca and the feel of the misty spray of the ocean can be really calming.


So if you want to enjoy your stay at Moraira to the fullest, it will be perfect if you take part in the sports that the town enjoys the most. Not only you'll have a relaxing holiday getaway but have a healthy lifestyle as well.