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Denia is a popular holiday destination located in the Costa Blanca in Spain and it is endowed with more than fourteen kilometers of seafront which creates magnificent beaches. These beaches attract a lot of visitors who are drawn both from around the areas and also from other places including international tourists. The beaches attractiveness is facilitated by the fact that the region enjoys more than three hundred days of sunshine and the average temperatures are at about twenty degrees thus making Denia a good holiday spot for families, individuals and also corporate retreats in almost any time of the year. The seasons when the temperatures are highest include in July and august when the temperatures gets to about forty degrees thus making it conducive to enjoy a sunbath while lying on the beaches.

Amongst the beaches in Denia include Les Marine beach which is located to the North of Denia. Another beach in Denia is Les Bovetes beach which is located in the southern parts of Denia and it is made up of small cliffs together with creeks where turquoise flows thus making it ideal for divers and fishermen. The other beaches in the region include Les Deveses which is more than four kilometers long and is located on the Northern side of Denia. The Les Deveses beach is mainly composed of rounded stones making it ideal for windsurfing especially in the summer months. Another beach in Denia is the Els Parlmars which is equally magnificent and is also endowed with sandy surfaces where holiday goers can enjoy themselves.

The sizes of the Denias beaches ensures that there is enough space for the many holiday goers who frequent the beaches. This means that there is usually no congestion even in the peak seasons when there are a huge number of visitors. The beaches also have the European blue flag for cleanness and quality. Consequently, the holiday goers are guaranteed of getting good times without transmitting infections since the water and the surroundings are clean. The water cleanliness also gives holiday goers the confidence to get into the water and also lay on the sandy beaches.

Some of the activities that holiday goers enjoy in the beaches include surfing and diving. Some of these activities are risky and puts participants at risk of getting injured especially for beginners who are not conversant with them. To avoid these kinds of accidents, there are professional coaches in Denias beaches who guides and tuition the holiday goers on some of the basics requirements and safety measures about the various activities. The coaches also supervise the holiday goers' activities so as to ensure that they do not go to the deep waters while they are not properly trained. Furthermore, participant in these activities can readily get safety gears to protect themselves incase of accidents. To emphasize on the security of the holiday goers even more, the Denia beaches are patrolled by lifeguards who are always on the look out to save anyone who might be stranded and also to deal with any security breach.

The Denias beaches also have the diverse facilities that visitors might require while in the region such as parking, rest rooms, showers, sun-beds, public phones, sun-shades, volleyball nets and sail boats for hire amongst others. These facilities enable the holiday goers to enjoy their preferred activities and make their holiday memorable. There also numerous beach bars and restraints which accommodate visitors who might be planning on staying for sometimes. The bars and restaurants charges diverse fees depending on class with the most prestigious ones charging higher fees. The restaurants also serves various dishes and cuisines, thus holiday goers can always walk in and enjoy their preferred meal or drink at their convenience.

Amongst the festivals and ceremonies that happen from time to time on the Denias Beaches and attract huge number of people include the annual fiesta of 'bulls to the sea' which happens in June. The fiesta is characterized with bulls being let loose and then teased by the youth of the region until they ends up in the sea. The fiesta is very popular with the people in Denia and is always a nice event to witness. Hence Denias beaches are a good and memorable holiday spot in almost any time of the year.