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Spain enjoys some of the best tourist destinations in the world. One of these tourist destinations is Denia. Denia is a town located in the province of Alicante. Denias is popular because it is located midway between Alicante and Valencia. Many people from all over the world travel to Denia in order to tour various attractions cites in the area.

The success of Denia as a tourist attraction can be traced back from denias history. Denia city has a rich and well maintained history which is available on various directories for everyone.

Denias history

The history of Denia can be traced back from the 4th century. There exists numerous archeological evidence of early settlements in the area. Denia was a Greek colony of Marseille in the 4th century and this can be illustrated by ancient Greek architectures. However there is no documented history about the early settlement of Denia in the 4th century.The recorded history shows that Denia's first inhabitants were Muslims who lived here from the 8th century up to the 11th century. Due to population pressure in the 12th century many Christians and Europeans migrated into the area and occupied the place outnumbering the Muslims. Though the Christians are the majority in today's Denia, there exist a good relationship between the Christians and the Muslims in the area making it a favorable tourist destination.
The city of denia became successful in trade and commerce in the 19th century. Early trade in the city help denia to rise as the one of the most economically developed city in Spain in the 19th century. However the trade industry suffered a major blow after the falling out of phylloxera.As a result, the people of denia had to look for an alternative source of income for their families

In the 20th century people of denia started embracing tourisms as their major economic activity. Tourism development was marked by property development and European settlement in the area. Today tourism is a major source of income due to the following factors
Factors promoting tourism in denia
Good climate
Denia experiences a hot dry Mediterranean climate. Due to this reason many people find it convenient to travel to denia to enjoy their holidays. The hot and dry climatic conditions a good hide out during the winter season. Another factor favoring tourism in denia is that there is little or no rain during the winter season hence acting as a perfect hide out during the wet season.

Hotels and entertainment facilities

From denias history, it is clear that denias host some of the best tourist attraction in Spain. The ancient Turin ruins and national geographic are some of the major tourist attraction. People in the private sector have worked hard in order to provide world class tourist facilities in the region.
From the time tourist started settling in the region in the 19th century, big tourist hotels and other hospitality facilities have been established in the area. Advancement in technology enables tourist from all over the world to search and book for their accommodation online. Rich and well maintained culture enables tourist to interact with freely with the local hence promoting tourism

Security and political stability

When it comes to tourism security is a major concern. Denia has a well laid down security structures that protects both local and foreign .Unlike many countries denia enjoys political stability with no cases of civil wars or high crime rate .

Good infrastructure

The government has embarked on infrastructure development in the region with many facilities being provided. Denia area is accessible by almost or means of transport giving a choice for any tourist to choose from. Good communication network also help in linking international tourist with their families abroad.

Government support

The government of Spain has played an important role in making Spain one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Apart from advertising the government has been very swift on passing legislation that helps to boost the tourism sector. Also the government has enacted economic programs such as tax reliefs and subsidies for tourist companies in order to boost the number of tourist visiting the country.


All the above factors have contributed to the development of denias history and as a result denias has emerged as the best tourist destination in Spain .