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Spain and Internet Video a Wonderful Pairing

Of the more than 20 million homes in Spain, around 3 million are empty. Spain essentially has the highest rate of home ownership in Europe, even more than the USA; however, due to the swirl of the economy, real estate agents are evermore inventive. Everything is still as beautiful as ever in Spain, and with the onset of online videos, Solimar Villas is grasping the opportunity to get the real estate ball rolling.

The shift is to build Spain's rental market, a market that is anticipated to increase up to 25% by 2015. Therefore, leasing agents are becoming resourceful in an attempt to unburden a certain amount of real estate inventory. For instance, there was a recent uproar about Spain's video extravaganza to appeal to the 20-somethings crowd. Yes, sex sells and hopefully it will sell/rent their beautiful real estate related to in their videos. The message is to induce those still living under their parent's wing to get their own residences, eliminating the need to "sneak" for private moments with their partners.

Spain is irresistible so anyone within in an ear's shot of a Spanish real estate deal is quick to snatch it up, especially if they see it on video. Real estate video, virtual tours, or agent marketing videos, it would be difficult to reveal any application for video of greater importance than the real estate market. The increasing use of online video is more than evident on YouTube. Even though the millions of YouTube viewers are the younger generation, and those that can afford real estate are older, the "future" real estate buyers and sellers of the Spanish market are those young Internet users.

Cities and surrounding towns of much of the most beautiful real estate available in Spain is clean and well taken care of, the transportation system is excellent, and real estate agents are eager to deal with those interested in Spanish properties. The magnificence of Spain speaks for itself, and on video, it is even more surreal.